We Test the Internet’s 14 Most Popular Culinary Life Hacks

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№ 6: To avoid “onion tears,” sprinkle your cutting board with salt.

Result: In the course of our brave experiment, we determined that this life hack does save you some tears…but by no means all of them.

Conclusion: It works, but poorly.

№ 7: Wrapping an ice cream package in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer makes the ice cream softer/easier to scoop.

Result: Prolonged storage in the freezer usually makes ice cream hard, which means that you have to wait before you can serve it. Trying out this life hack helped our ice cream retain its softness. As a result, we were able to quickly serve it in beautiful glass dishes.

Conclusion: This really works.

№ 8: If you’ve sliced an avocado in half but only intend to use one of the halves right away, make sure you select the half without the pit. The half that contains the pit has a much better chance of remaining fresh in the fridge.

Result: We conducted our own experiment by leaving two avocado halves in the fridge — one contained a pit, the other didn’t. After two days, both halves looked far from fresh.

Conclusion: This doesn’t work.

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