12 Genius Hacks Every Lazy Parent Can’t Live Without

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7. Taking tic-tac-toe to a new level

Gather some pretty stones from a beach, and draw X’s and O’s on them. You can play right on the sand or on a lined piece of paper.

If you gather some light and dark stones, you can play checkers too. Make a child-friendly field with fewer squares.

6. Monster repellent for calm nights

A cute “monster spray” made with a spray bottle with stickers will help overcome the fear of darkness and monsters lurking in it. Just spray some water around the room with it before sleep.

5. A game of rings

For this you’ll need paper plates, a paper tube, adhesive tape, scissors, and paints. Tape the tube to one of the plates, and cut out the centers from the rest of them, coloring them as well.

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