9 Things You Should Know to Survive in a Critical Situation

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Anything can happen in life, including situations that threaten it. To prepare you for even the most unforeseen events, comfia will tell you 9 rules of survival that will help you cope with difficulties and may even save your life.

9. Make a fire from a phone battery

If you get lost far away from civilization, your gadget will be useless unless you start a fire from its battery.

Many smartphones and tablets have lithium (Li-ion) batteries. If you pierce such a battery with something sharp, it’ll cause a chemical reaction that results in fire. All you need is to prepare firewood in advance.

8. Escape a rip current

When swimming in the sea, we can face a dangerous phenomenon called “rip current“ or simply ”rip.” It can appear in any place. When we get caught with it, our instinct tells us to swim to the shore as quickly as possible. But, as a result, we only move away from it.

If you get caught in a rip tide, don’t swim straight to the shore: move diagonally or parallel to it to get out of the current. Rips aren’t wide, so you can swim across them to save your life.

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