9 Survival Myths that Could Actually Hurt You

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3. How to build a great shelter

Before you get started on a suitable shelter, you should assess your surroundings and weather conditions. You need shelter to protect you from wind, rain, or scorching sun. But just building a lean-to isn’t enough. The cold ground will literally suck the heat right out of you at night unless you build a layer between your body and the ground.

4. How to find water in the desert

There is only one type of barrel cactus out there that contains drinkable water. You can also get moisture from the opuntia. But most of the time, cacti are poisonous. Drinking the fluid inside them will make you sick, causing you to vomit up precious liquid and leaving you more dehydrated.

5. How to survive a bear attack

Bears don’t want to attack, much less eat you. So in most cases you just need to back away slowly, keeping a close eye on the bear. Keep your distance. This will show the bear that you don’t have any pretensions of its territory.

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