16 Super Easy Exercise Life Hacks to Make You Look and Feel Perfect

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  • A couple of panty liners placed on the inner side of your workout top will absorb the sweat in the area under your breasts and make you feel more comfortable when exercising.
  • If you plan to take a shower after a workout at the gym, pour the necessary amount of shampoo and shower gel into a contact lens case and you won’t have to take bulky bottles with you.

3. Do a sporty hairstyle

  • Use a sock to make a nice tight hair bun that can survive your most vigorous workouts, as shown in this video.
  • Put your stretchy plastic hair tie into hot water to make it shrink.

4. Find your inner confidence

Try to find your inner source of confidence — we are all different but we all have the right to be happy and free. Don’t let your fear of being judged prevent you from playing sports and becoming a better person every day. Buy sportswear in bright colors (this can put you in the right mood and motivate you) and choose a gym close to your home, so that you won’t use travel time as an excuse for not exercising. Let your fears go and begin your exciting exercise journey right here and right now!

Which of these hacks do you find most useful? Do you have your own exercise tips? Share your observations in the comments!

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