16 Super Easy Exercise Life Hacks to Make You Look and Feel Perfect

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2. Feel comfortable and safe

  • Hand sanitizer can be a good emergency deodorant. Just apply a thin layer of this product onto your armpits and it will help you to get rid of underarm odor. Hand sanitizers contain alcohol that kills the bacteria causing the unpleasant smell.
  • If you like listening to your favorite music while exercising but there’s nowhere you can put your phone, try this DIY armband made of a sock.

  • If you are exercising on a slippery floor, use some hot glue or fabric paint to make DIY non-slip socks. Just spread glue or paint on the bottom of your socks and let it dry!
  • Applying a layer of hair spray onto the soles of your sneakers will make them less slippery and improve their grip.

  • If you often forget about drinking water during long workouts, mark your bottle as shown in the picture above and it will help you control your water consumption.
  • If your athletic wear has no pockets you can attach your locker key to your shoe laces. Just make sure you tie them properly.
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