15 People Who Lost Weight and Started Living a Whole New Life

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Many people dream of losing weight but only a few find the inner strength to actually do it. Their excuses might be different, like claiming to be big-boned or blaming it on genetics. However, there are people who managed to accomplish their weight-loss goals and it’s almost impossible to recognize them in old photos.

Comfia found 21 of these people and we applaud them for their determination. If you want to lose weight, we hope you get inspired by this article and change your life for the better.

They wanted to change themselves and they did it. He lost 70lb, she lost 56lb.

Lost 151lb in 2 years. “For each pound that I lose, I capture a Pokémon! I have finally caught the entire First Generation. Now to start on Gen 2!”

Only 8 months have passed and she said goodbye to 88lb.

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