14 Crazy Things That Are Only Possible in Japan

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The Land of the Rising Sun is like a whole other world full of unbelievable phenomena and weird traditions.

Comfia has collected a few fascinating stories shedding some light on the daily lives of ordinary Japanese people.

14. A café that sells tenderness

For an extra charge, men are allowed to lie with the waitresses, hug them, establish long eye contact, or stroke their hair — but no further! In Japan, a great deal of attention is paid to the visual side of things. For example, cafés where waitresses are dressed as pretty housemaids are currently very popular.

13. The widest assortment of trains

Trains that run on Japanese soil are richly varied: vintage, double decked, super fast, trains with no engine driver, and even trains resembling cartoon characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine. Subway trains have special women-only cars safe from men’s advances.

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