13 Epic Houses Anyone Would Want to Live in

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Nearly everyone wants to live in their own dream house, but not everyone has enough money or a suitable place to make their dreams come true. However, you can always find an alternative.

Comfia advises you to have a closer look at these tiny houses. The whole world is inside!

13. The Broons’ House, Scotland

There is a mysterious building on Loch Shin near the village of Lairg. It’s said that the locals collected money for the Broons’ House after a storm in 2015. According to popular comics, a huge family lives in this house. Who knows? Strange things happen here all the time. The water level rose by 10 meters (393.7 inches) when the hydroelectric power station was built in 1950.

12. A fridge-house

As a rule, modern houses have no cellars. As for this building, you just need to dig it into the ground and use it for food and wine storage.

The spherical Groundfridge provides a constant temperature. And if you don’t have your own house yet, you can use this one to shelter from the rain.

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