11 Voice Features That Will Help You Read Anyone Like an Open Book

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Here are several reasons why a person may speak slowly:

  • A person weighs each word so as not to make any mistakes. Such people are a bit too deliberate, yet they are earnest.
  • They’re arrogant and want to draw attention to their words, regardless of the fact that their opponent is literally falling asleep.
  • Sometimes slow speech is a sign of depression, grief, or fatigue.

Fast speakers are usually choleric or sanguine, reacting to everything as quickly as they speak.

  • A person may also be insecure and think that nobody’s listening to them, thus trying to finish their thought sooner.
  • As with loud speakers, such people may have grown up in big families, trying to say everything before their numerous siblings cut in.
  • A person may be angry or stressed out.

A ringing voice is an attribute of youth. Owners of such voices are often unfortunate in their career because the way they speak makes their bosses think they’re too immature to be promoted.

Apart from genetics, a high timbre may be a temporary consequence of an emotional upheaval.

A man’s baritone is very appealing to women, and ladies with low voices are quite attractive as well. Such a timbre is pleasant indeed, adding authority and maturity as well.

Some people may consciously lower their voice to become more attractive.

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