11 Voice Features That Will Help You Read Anyone Like an Open Book

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A person’s image is comprised of their voice as much as it is of their appearance. Our speech is the mirror of our mind and, of course, our mood. cool stuff, cool stuff

We at Comfia decided to find out how the manner of speech reflects what we are and how we’re perceived by others.

We’ve all met these people with “cartoon” voices. Someone who speaks like that may think they’re cute, but listeners normally perceive such a person as hypocritical, wanting to be liked, and even passively aggressive. You might also think they want something from you. cool stuff, cool stuff

Such a manner causes discomfort, and listeners try to end the talk as soon as possible.

A steel voice is usually a feature of people whose job is related to giving commands (teachers, executives, military officers). They’re just used to speaking like that. Sometimes, though, it’s an attribute of people who love giving orders. cool stuff, cool stuff

There are several reasons why people may talk quietly:

  • They’re insecure and feel a bit lost in a group.
  • Parents used to shush them in childhood, and they have retained the directive that them speaking loudly may cause someone trouble.
  • They’re tired of life or have a lack of energy.

People often don’t understand those with quiet voices, and quite literally: they just can’t hear them. And that’s irritating.

It may seem that a loud voice is a sign of self-confidence, and that’s just what its owners would like you to think. Behind such a voice there’s often a hidden insecurity and a fear of being unheard.

There’s also a theory that people with loud voices grew up in large families where it was important for them to be heard over their siblings.

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