11 Deadly Plants You’d Better Stay Away From

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9. Elder

Where it occurs: Temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere and Australia.

The most common members of this genus are red elder and black elder. All parts of the plant are toxic. If you as much as touch an elder, you’d better wash your hands. Ripe black elderberries, however, are completely safe and are used to make beverages and pies.

Why it is dangerous: Causes headache, weakness, abdominal pains, and, occasionally, seizures. Cardiac or respiratory failure are also possible.

8. Oleander

Where it occurs: In tropical and subtropical regions. It is used in landscape designing and grown all over the world as a houseplant.

Nerium is truly a treacherous plant enticing us with its fragrance and beautiful pink or white flowers.

Why it is dangerous: It contains cardiac glycosides that can alter your heart rate and cause nausea, headache, weakness, and even death. According to a legend, Napoleon’s soldiers once started a fire using oleander branches and roasted meat on it. In the morning, some of them didn’t wake up.

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