10 Things Parents Shouldn’t Do for Their Children

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5. Choose their tastes

We often try to impose our music tastes, book preferences, and clothing styles on our children. It is with good intentions, but it diminishes a child’s individuality. And in many cases, it leads to a protest where kids do the complete opposite.

What to do? Watch your favorite movies and listen to the music you love yourself. Discuss your idols with your children.

6. Count their money

In every child’s life, there comes a moment where they have their own pocket money. What you shouldn’t do is interrogate children and try to find out how much money they have left. The worst thing you can do is check their bags or pockets. This kills trust instantly.

Does it really matter how much money your son or daughter has left? Let them save for something they want.

What to do? Teach your children to be financially successful, and let them do what they want with their money.

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